A growing number of higher education graduate students, staff, and faculty are listening to and learning from podcasts. The wealth of information shared on a video/audio podcasts allows listeners to learn about resources, ideas, and information to enhance the work we do at our institutions. These mobile-friendly, portable PD resources are not only consumed, but they are also being created and produced by higher education colleagues and organizations. So what is the state of podcasting in higher ed?

To explore what is happing in post-secondary podcast land, we have initiated The Higher Ed Podcast Project The goal is to both curate, examined, and share podcasts that are impacting professional learning and development among our higher ed colleagues, specifically to answer the following questions:

  1. What podcasts are higher education professionals (graduate students, faculty, and staff) listening to for learning and development?

  2. What podcasts are being produced/created for and in higher education (non-lecture/classroom-based)?

  3. How has podcast consumption impacted or influenced the work (teaching, research, or services) we do in higher education?

Research Focus

We are interested in exploring podcasts in higher education for professional learning and development. We are defining a “podcast” for this project, as this medium has taken a number of shapes and forms over the years. For our research purposes, we are defining a podcast and our research focus as:

  • the podcast content is created and shared to support professional development, learning, and/or information distribution
  • the podcast has a target audience might include graduate learners (e.g. masters or doctoral researchers), professional school students (e.g. social work, medicine, etc.), staff/administration, and/or faculty in higher education
  • the podcast is in an audio and/or video format that can be subscribed, downloaded, and/or streamed from an electronic device (e.g. computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile)
  • the podcast is a program, show, broadcast, and/or episodes with a specific purpose or topic focused on the higher education domain
  • the podcast includes original content development intention: it was designed for a podcast, e.g. we are not including a recorded college/university lecture, conference panel/presentation, professional learning webinars, recorded meeting, etc. (unless it was edited to fit into a podcast)
  • the podcast can be active or inactive 

Call For Podcasts: Share Your Podcasts, Please!

We are openly curating a LIST OF AUDIO and VIDEO PODCASTS dedicated to higher education peers. This OPEN call for podcasts will help us understand and SHARE the current state of podcasting in the postsecondary sector dedicated to professional learning and development. This is where you come in. Please ADD to the higher education podcast list to let us know what you are listening to for your professional learning and development: 


Goals for this Project:

Why Are We Exploring Podcasts in Higher Ed?

  • To recognize and show value for the higher ed podcast community [We listen to a lot of podcasts … and produce some of our own.]
  • To highlight the growing number of podcasts that are relevant for learning, professional development, and then some in higher ed education.
  • To understand and explore the “State of Higher Ed Podcasts” – the empirical literature and why podcasts are emerging in the field.
  • To conduct a meta-analysis of podcasting in higher ed: topics, hosts, delivery mechanisms, target audience, purposes, production, topics, etc.
  • To share this media resource to other higher ed colleagues who might not know this wealth of professional development resources, e.g. create a repository of podcasts in higher ed, write some op-ed pieces, blog, and podcast about podcasts (meta).